Read Diverse 2017 – A Reading And Book Review Challenge For Bloggers!

What are you waiting for, join Naz @ Read Diverse Books‘ wonderful challenge! Here’s what Naz has to say about it:

I want to start 2017 by announcing the natural extension of Read Diverse Books Year-Round review link-ups and giveaways I started in 2016. I will simply title it Read Diverse 2017 and will use the hashtag #ReadDiverse2017 when I promote it.

As of today, no one has used the #ReadDiverse2017 hashtag on Twitter. But I do not mean to claim it. Other people may use it for their own purposes. This reading and reviewing challenge is not a hashtag project. It’s a project that will be run through my blog, and requires participants to visit my blog and link up their blog posts to get credit. (more info here)


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